About Us

The UK Wonder Collar Company was established early 2010 with its main aim to produce and market a collar to help owners have more control over dogs that continually pull.

We did some research and discovered there were many dog owners experiencing difficulty in controlling their dogs. Many hours were spent stitching different ideas and many prototypes were produced and tried, until we eventually came up with the current version. The collar has been tried and tested successfully in different situations and many have been successfully sold, we use only high quality materials which makes the product durable and made to last.

The Wonder Collar was designed and developed by myself, Richard Young, I was born on a farm and have been surrounded by animals all my life. Dogs have been a main part of my life and over the years I have been involved with dog training, showing, breeding, competing at flyball & agility and running boarding kennels to name just a few.

The UK Wonder Collar Company is proud to support British industry and we are determined to use as many materials and services from within the UK as possible. The webbing is manufactured in Nottinghamshire, the collar fittings are sourced from the West Midlands, and the collar is manufactured in South Yorkshire.

If you decide to purchase any of our products, we are only on the other end of a telephone or e-mail if you need any assistance or advice.

We have recently relocated to Bulgaria, this will not affect our customer service or the product however the delivery time will take a few days longer.

Richard Young