The Wonder Collar

The Wonder Collar is a two part system consisting of two collars, one fixed and one slip, held apart by strengthened webbing. This keeps the slip collar just behind the ears for maximum control over difficult dogs. The collar accustoms the dog to walking quietly by your side but this can only be achieved with some input from yourself. The Wonder Collar is a training aid and if used correctly will bring difficult dogs under control. For more information please read these instructions.

The slip part of our collar is based on the Alaskan semi slip collar which, if correctly adjusted, cannot over tighten and is safer to use than other control collars on the market. This type of semi slip collar is a very versatile design, it can be used either as a slip collar or a normal collar depending on the degree of adjustment. This made it a perfect choice for incorporation into our design.

When the collar is fitted to your satisfaction there may be an excess of webbing - this can easily trimmed with scissors, remembering to seal the ends.

The collars are made from heavy duty polypropylene webbing and side release buckles are used for easy adjustments. Heavy duty welded metal fittings are used throughout, this all adds up for a long, trouble-free life.

Remember: The whole idea of the collar is to act as a training tool to accustom your dog to walking quietly by your side. Once this has been achieved, either use The Wonder Collar as a normal collar by attaching the lead to the fixed part leaving the slip part loose around the neck or revert back to using your normal collar and only use The Wonder Collar to refresh training.


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