Instructions for use

Introduce your dog to the new Wonder Collar in a quiet calm manner - remember this is not a punishment for your dog, make the association of the new collar with a treat such as going out for a walk.

The Wonder Collar is recommended initially for one-to-one training sessions and then, when your dog has learnt to walk quietly by your side, longer walks with other dogs can be attempted. Do not use the it for the first time when the dog is over excited or there are any other distractions. Personally we train our dog around our home town of Bakewell in the early evening when it is quiet - in this situation our dog is very attentive to our commands.

Place your arm through the collar with the fixed collar nearest your hand. Put your hand on the dogs forehead and slide the collar down your arm and over the dogs head. The fixed collar part should be adjusted so two fingers can be easily placed between the collar and the dog's neck. The slip collar should now be behind the ears and adjusted so it is not to tight when fully pulled. NB: Adjust the slip collar in the fully extended position (see photos below).

Tip ~ It is easier to adjust the two collars to your own dog's size before fitting.

Attaching the lead

Method 1~ Attach a single short lead to the silver D ring only.


Method 2~ Using a double training lead, attach one end of the lead to the silver D ring and the other end to the fixed collar. This method is used when you feel the need to have extra control over your dog.

Walking your dog

Before setting off allow a few moments for your dog to get used to the collar and check that when you pull the lead the slip collar tightens, and loosens when pressure is released. Place your dog on your left with the lead in your left hand and excess lead in your right hand. Walk in a calm but dominant manner. NB: The collar supplied is not designed to be used with the dog on your right. If you require to walk your dog on the right, please enquire as it can be easily changed.

Do not allow your dog to walk at the end of the lead as you have less control and the collar may become twisted and become ineffective.

As your dog pulls, the slip collar will tighten - check him gently with the lead and give the command to heel. Your dog will soon associate the command to heel with a tightening sensation around his neck.

Some dogs learn quicker than others, so be patient. If in time your dog has learnt to heel correctly, go back to using your normal collar. The Wonder Collar can then be used from time to time to refresh the training.

Please take note

Never tie your dog up or leave unattended while wearing The Wonder Collar.

Never use while attached to a flexi lead or allow your dog to run free while wearing The Wonder Collar.

Never use excessive force or sudden jerk movements on the slip part of the collar as this may cause damage to your dog.

It is not recommended for use on puppies under 12 months old. Do not use on dogs that have breathing or throat problems.

We cannot be held responsible for injury to any dog following misuse or modification of this equipment. The Wonder Collar is used entirely at your own risk, only you the consumer can determine the suitability of this or any other item purchased for your dog.

If in any doubt consult a veterinary surgeon, professional trainer or contact us.